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Digital transformation has ushered in a wave of organisations seeking to improve their competitive position and profitability through their use of data, but as the ability to capture, store and draw insights from data have increased so have the associated challenges.

An effective data strategy must address not only the commercial and operational opportunities but the need to ensure data security, privacy and compliance. Whatever your transformation goals, there is a balance to be struck.

Baseline can help define your data strategy, and guide and support you through each stage of your data journey – from compliance and cyber resilience to implementing the changes that will bring real, sustained value to your business.


Cyber risk is a material threat to business, and the legislative and regulatory obligations for businesses are coming into closer focus. Our team is part of a “CyberBox” taskforce, which identifies risk factors impacting the security of your systems, networks and data and helps you take prudent, proportionate steps to both increase resilience against cyber attacks and improve your ability to respond to and mitigate the effects of an incident.

Data monetisation

For many organisations seeking to improve their market position and competitiveness, how to extract the commercial value from data is a challenge high on the strategic agenda. Our team helps you uncover and develop innovative, data-driven product/service solutions to exploit the value of your data assets.

Business Model Transformation

Advances in digital technology and the insights that can now be drawn from data are transforming the way businesses operate. Our team helps you design and implement the go-to-market/operating model your business requires to enable your transition to a digital or data-centric business.

Web Reputation

A brand that took years to build can take just seconds to destroy, so the use of online networks and forums is something businesses must carefully manage. Our team identifies risk factors to your online reputation, taking steps to prevent it from being undermined, monitoring/capturing issues if they do arise and establishing timely and effective response procedures.

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