Our unique approach to regulatory compliance

The tidal wave of new regulations and obligations is a serious operational challenge. Implementing changes adds significant cost and inefficiency, which can undermine competitiveness in the global market.

By bringing together both legal experts and highly experienced operational excellence specialists – for example experts in Lean Six Sigma and organisational design – we help businesses redesign their processes in a way that ensures compliance while delivering significant operational efficiencies.

Our experience with clients suggests that this combination of skills not only provides much more compliant business processes, thereby reducing risks, but also delivers year one cost savings.

Indeed, we are so confident that we can deliver value that we are prepared to offer clients pricing models that provide upfront reductions in rates in exchange for the opportunity to share in success.

An end-to-end solution

We create a team with the unique combination of all the skills you need to deliver a solution. We work with lawyers, technology-enabled change programme specialists, and process management experts.

An effective, proven method for handling compliance projects

We use an approach that removes the complexities from managing compliance projects. With clearly delineated stages, costs and timelines, we keep the process simple for everyone participating.

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