Unlocking multi-million pound payments

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Key Contacts

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At a glance

Using experts from across the world and internationally accepted standards, we retrospectively identified clear clinical benefits from the introduction of a new health technology solution with the aim of unlocking £multi-millions payments.

The challenge

Our client was responsible for the delivery of new and improved health technology solution in a number of locations across the UK. Payments of £multi-millions were linked to the achievement of end user benefits. However, although the end customer should have been tracking its own benefits, our client was asked to retrospectively identify, calculate and provide for review by professional and political scrutiny the benefits that had been, or were yet to be, realised.

The client did not expect to be required to provide this evidence and therefore had little background data or metrics to work with. As a result, the starting position was poor. Neither our client nor the end customer understood what could be successfully measured, leading to confusion and a breakdown of trust between the parties.

How we helped

We used experts from across Baseline and linked clinical benefits to international approved methodology. The key tasks included:

  • Review of the delivered solution;
  • Examined the system for key functionality which supported improved delivery of Healthcare;
  • Calculated, using accredited methodology, the benefits of that functionality, in terms of efficiency, improvements in data for clinicians and outcomes for patients;
  • Presentation of the research and justified conclusions for both auditing and wider public consumption;
  • Negotiation with the Customer over the payment in respect of the benefits delivered; and
  • Preparation of the supporting contractual notices to seek compliance with the contract and ultimately payment.


Baseline extracted a range of measures and calculated the benefits, creating specific measures and quantifying benefits in a way that could withstand the most forensic analysis, with supporting links back to the original respected academic research. This enabled a more evidenced-based conversation between our client and the end customer.